February 2022

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February 2022

Search Engines Market Share

Discover the most popular search engines market share in February 2022 and over the past 12 months, quickly identify search trends and business opportunities in any region

Most Used Search Engines in February 2022

Google's market share is 91.08% in February 2022, which makes it the most popular & most used search engine in the world

Search Engines Market Share - 12 Months Trend

Analyze top search engines market share & usage over time, see & act according to the latest search traffic trends

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Top Search Engine by Country - February 2022 Market Share

Analyze the most used & most popular search engine in each country in February 2022 by market share, understand search market trends and build the right search strategy for each region

Data Methodology

This traffic and engagement data is based on aggregated and anonymized first-party analytics shared with Similarweb by millions of websites and apps and represents more than 500 billion pageviews. This data is for a subset of sites and as a result, is an estimation of the market share.

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