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Do It Yourself Raspberry Pi

We show you how to build your own Entertainment System with a Raspberry Pi 3; complete with SNES, NES, controllers, and Kodi to watch TV shows or Movies.

Learn how to build your own working Super Nintendo System with Raspberry Pi. This includes all the details you need, including the case that looks exactly like a miniature SNES! The step by step instructions are simple to follow, and you will be playing your favorite childhood Nintendo games in no time!

Not into gaming?  Create a pocket-sized Projector, with the Raspberry Pi Zero W.  A functional projector that will be sure to impress your friends.

Still waiting for the Raspberry Pi 4 to come out?   We are too.  Until then, check out the Latest News on the Raspberry Pi community.  Don’t miss a beat!  Subscribe to our Raspberry Pi Newsletter.
Power Over Ethernet was recently introduced officially, by Grab an adapter to your Raspberry Pi 3, for just under $20.00! 

Stay informed on the latest Raspberry Pi news, education, and updates.

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Get help selecting which smart speaker is best for your home.  We review the top smart speakers out this year, to help make the selection easier on you.

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A whole lot of power in these laptops!  Check out our top picks.

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